Everyday I…

Circle one:

(a) Eat at Starbucks

(b) Play at Holland Park

(c) Eat at Pret A Manger

(d) Do math

Everyday I … maybe I should tell you a little more about this activity I complete everyday!

  1. The place where I carry out my activity is all over London
  2. This place is VERY popular
  3. I enjoy this activity
  4. This activity is good for the body
  5. My family also likes doing this activity

The answer is…DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Pret A Manger!

Translated as “prepared fresh,” Pret A Manger offers a wide assortment of grab and go foods from pocket sandwiches to mini fruit cups to warm soup. My favorite is the buffalo mozzarella and pesto chicken salad. It consists of pesto chicken, buffalo mozzarella, fresh spinach, juicy tomatoes, red bell peppers, and a balsamic dressing. I definitely recommend this for people who like salads, for it provides veggies as well as a bit of protein. Be careful of how you pronounce Pret A Manger because some people looked at dad because he pronounced Pret A Manger wrong.

Here are some pictures of Pret A Manger as well as some of our recent tours.

File Jul 09, 4 43 54 PM
My sister and I in front of Pret A Manger
Photo Jul 04, 10 47 48 AM
Me saluting in a British guard hat
Photo Jul 06, 4 39 20 PM
My sister and I at a park
Photo Jul 07, 12 26 07 PM
My dad’s friend Sof enjoying a gourmet burger at Borugh Market
Photo Jul 04, 10 17 02 AM
Me saluting inside some sort of booth
Photo Jul 07, 12 27 01 PM
Me enjoying a gourmet burger

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