Mustard’s In The House

Kids my age aren’t that into mustard…

I don’t know what changed my mind about mustard, but this past week I have been eating and savoring this spicy condiment every meal.  In the last 24 hours, I’ve had mustard and sauerkraut as a mini dinner, and eggs, avocado, and mustard for breakfast. Prior to this, I just stuck with ketchup, BBQ sauce, and other ingredients to add flavor to my dishes. There are just so many combinations you can make with mustard and some other sort of food.

So… I was researching mustard and I suddenly realized that there is some weird history behind this commonly known food I am loving more and more. Here are some facts you might want to take a peek at:

  1. Mustard is made from mustard seed, which provides that spicy element.
  2. Mustard was used as a remedy for burns, injuries, pains, bites, and more in the old times (Roman, Greek, and so on).
  3. Some countries eat mustard seeds solo. or on top of meats.
  4. Mustard seeds are the second most used spice in America.
  5. While refrigerating this puree is recommended, you don’t necessarily have to.
  6. Mustard seeds are, believe it or not, close relatives to BROCCOLI. I know right, that came out of nowhere!
  7. Canada and Nepal provide 50% of the world’s mustard.

If you are wondering what mustard tastes like, oh boy, that’s a tough one. The regular type of mustard people know is spicy and thick. Other countries make their mustard sweet and watery. It just depends on your preferences and what food you are eating.

But… the best way to truly know mustard is to go out and try it. Don’t just listen to to an 11 year old boy write his opinions in a post. You have to experience it. And believe me, after trying just a little bit, you’re going to want Mustard… in the house.

The classic “yellow” mustard that people still love.
My favorite mustard, Grey Poupon.
Heinz Dukeys
The mustard that you usually put on your hot dog or corn dog!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sof says:

    Just a random question… In England do they call it Mustard or something else. Yellow chutney?


    1. n8chen says:

      I have no idea. But yellow chutney is a funny name!


  2. Mr Emeka says:

    All of a sudden…I’m craving mustard! Wonderful post.


    1. n8chen says:

      Thanks! I feel that you would be the kind of guy who would like mustard!


  3. Coach Reilly says:

    Grey poupon is definitely a great choice. Much better than french’s


    1. n8chen says:

      Yeah, I love it. But if you eat too much at one sitting your nose will start to hurt.


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