Think Before You Drink

Let’s think…

Cows are expensive, very expensive. To own (and use) one cow would require a large amount of land, resources, and most of all, water.

That’s right, WATER. On average, it takes 1434 gallons of water to get a gallon of milk! That being said, you can probably say every couple of sips from a milk carton equals a whole gallon of water. Doesn’t that just feel so wasteful.

I did an analysis on how much water it takes to produce a gallon of milk and got to 1434 gallons. Here is my google sheets, enjoy!

Water Per Gallon Of Milk Analysis

I am not saying that you shouldn’t drink milk, just… you know… think before you drink.

Though many other farm items in the US require much water, the cows need the most.


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