Macaron Madness




What would a trip to France be without the eating of at least one macaron? I don’t know, but I can tell you that these special little treats are quite something. A macaron is a delicate circle shaped dessert with a sweet filling and two almond flavored ends (a really high end version of an oreo). They’re chewy, flaky, and even a little crunchy!

A little while after my family and I visited the macaron store Pierre Herme, I was wondering what makes macarons so valuable. I mean, from my point of view, $3 was an odd price for one of those tiny desserts. From listening to my mom’s explanation of the macaron class she took, I interpreted that macarons are very difficult to bake. One false move and the whole sweet might be ruined. Almost nothing can be “eyeballed” and the timing has to be perfect. A tiny tick off of a measurement, and your entire yield will be impactedd. In addition, the ingredients required in making a macaron need to be high quality , so that part may rack up the expenses as well.

The thing I love most about macarons is that they have very unique flavors such as lime-basil, strawberry-jasmine, passion fruit-milk chocolate, or lychee-raspberry. Because the taste of the shell isn’t too strong, the flavors on the inside stand out more.

The reason I titled this post “Macaron Madness” is because macarons can yeah, make people go mad (sort of) over them. Just walking down the street and seeing one on display a couple stores down can trigger a constant longing to buy them. After relishing the amazing taste of one, people are going to want more. I’m not going to say “BE WARNED”, but in France, you’ll definitely encounter some macaron madness.

My Sister is A Real Macaron Expert!
My Mom and Sophie Displaying Their Nice Chocolate-Rose Macarons!
Traditional French Chocolates that Looked Odd, but Tasted Even Better!
We Were Lucky To Experience The Yumminess of Two Macarons Each on our Food Tour!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. WhyToStop says:

    I love macaroons and that’s what make be stumble upon your post.. loved reading it and enjoyed the picture..😊👌


  2. Min Min says:

    Sophie looks like a seasoned pastry chef! Impressive! I have also taken a class but have not tried making them at home. I think I will now!


  3. Diane Ciesinski says:

    You make me so hungry!!! Enjoy!


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