Today, instead of asking you if you’ve tried Tapatio, how about I ask: who hasn’t? This past couple of weeks I have been obsessed with it, my go to #1 hot sauce. It pretty much makes everything taste better. I put it on salads, soups, refried beans, and more! Tapatio isn’t overwhelmingly spicy, but it still retains that fiery flavor that jumps around in your mouth until it’s gone. It can bring bland foods to life and cover up for flavors that you don’t care for. Yesterday my grandmother made delicious pork chops with vegetables and I drowned my dinner with my new favorite sauce.

I remember exactly how I got into Tapatio, and it started at school. I was eating beef tacos in the cafeteria and I was looking for something new. I thought “I need some hot sauce!” I grabbed the Tapatio sitting in front of me, and gave it a few shakes over my lunch. I recall the explosion of pepper in my mouth after that first bite and knew in that moment that Tapatio was just for me. My mom got me a bottle a couple of days later and in no time, I was Tapatio-ing this, and Tapatio-ing that. When it’s time for dinner, I go straight to grab my sauce.

However, there are some limits to what this flavoring can do. It’s not for “everything”… For example, I probably wouldn’t pour it onto my mom’s Chinese salmon dish or a plate of sushi. That being said, the fact that it was hard to think of dishes that don’t go well with Tapatio proves that it’s a very flexible product.

Before I got into this hot sauce, we mainly used the Tobasco and Cholula brands at home, but in my opinion, Tapatio has a better flavor and balance. Next time you go to your local supermarket, I highly recommend that you try Tapatio. It’ll certainly exceed your highest expectations, because foods with Tapatio aren’t just terrific, but rather Tapa-Terrific!

Website: Tapatio

In the photo above, I’m about to put some tasty Tapatio on my refried beans and cheese at school! It’s hard to eat beans now without Tapatio…



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aunty Polly says:

    I want to go buy a bottle right now Nate! I love Tabasco but will now give Tapatio a try!


  2. This feels like a sponsored post to me Nate. Don’t tell me you are now selling out to product placement…


  3. Niko Meadors says:

    Nate, Love Tapatio but you should try Trader Joe green hot sauce, so good!
    Auntie Niko


  4. Frank Grove says:

    The great tapatio vs chalula debate. Careful, some people have strong opinions on that.

    Sent from my iPhone



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