Kiwi Alert!


Kiwi alert! The feeling of eating “candy” has never been so strong when I ate kiwi last night…

So this past Sunday my mother and grandmother visited the farmer’s market to buy fruits. They bought kiwi and it turned out to be some of the sweetest of that fruit I have ever tasted. I liked it even better than my favorite golden kiwi, which is saying a lot! If you’re reading this, go to the Castro Street farmer’s market in Mountain View on Sunday mornings as soon as you can and buy kiwi, it’s the perfect time.

Note: You can always get kiwi at other, more convenient farmer’s markets, but we recommend the one on Castro.


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  1. Eric says:

    A kiwi is also a flightless bird or a person from New Zealand? But did you know the Kiwi is originally the Chinese Goosebury fruit! Some missionaries started planting it in new zealand and hijacked the fruit by calling it a kiwi!


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