A secret underground food world…


Hello everyone! I hope that you are all having a great summer, just like I am! It’s been a while, so I wanted to let you know that my family and I traveled to Japan recently. I’ve had so many great food experiences worth writing about, so expect more posts in the coming weeks (or days even). Our first stop was Tokyo, and boy was there a big surprise waiting for me there!

The subway/train system was incredibly valuable in a big cities like Tokyo.  I was happy to learn that our hotel just happened to be located right next door to Tokyo Station, the biggest hub for subways, Shinkansen trains, bus stops, and Japanese Railway (JR) lines. It’s so huge that you can get lost in there! On our first day, my dad and I explored the area and found a gigantic underground area under Tokyo Station. It exceeded our expectations! There were at least 10 different alleys filled with 7-11’s, drug stores, snack shops, and most importantly, amazing Japanese food! In every direction I looked, I saw sushi restaurants, Izakayas, yakitori stalls, and most abundantly, ramen bars.  There were so many amazing choices that it was overwhelming to choose where to eat! One night we ate dinner at Ramen Alley.  It was filled with ramen stalls, all packed with hungry tourists and civilians.  Did you know the louder you slurp, the more the chef will know that you like the noodles?

The neat thing about this underground complex is that most of the stores aren’t that crowded. If you’re traveling through or near Tokyo Station, check it out because it’s really convenient for a quick meal. For maximum efficiency, some ramen bars let you order outside by pressing a button, so your food is already being made as you wait. This amazing restaurant and store complex personifies Japanese perfectly. As a country that’s sure proud of its cuisine, Japan has delicious food always waiting for you at every corner.

We tried a typical vegetarian lunch that a Japanese monk would eat. The vegetables all had incredible texture and flavor, but the bamboo shoots (top right) were by far the best!







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  1. Sandy GuGu says:

    We’re in Osaka right now and the underground restaurants and shopping is amazing! Heading to Tokyo tomorrow. Any recommendations on where to eat? 🙂


  2. John says:

    Nate your correct Japan has great food and that city is fun to explore cultural wise also.


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