It’s been a great year…

Why is it so gratifying to such a supportive community? Because you…

A) Read all my posts?
B) Fuel the website and offer new food ideas to try?
C) Make my day a little better when I read your comments?
D) All of the above

D is the correct choice!

I started this blog five years ago back in 3rd grade, and it’s been a blast since then, really. My motivation and drive to publish posts week after week all starts with my readers. As my blog has been progressing and growing, I’ve always been thinking about ways to improve. I would really appreciate it if you took this quick survey to provide feedback on my topic choice. As I head into this school year, providing attracting and compelling posts to my readers is what I care about most.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Tom Cole says:

    Kudos Nate on five great years. Such dedication!


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