Party Mix Pleasures

Cheetos, Cheez-Its, two types of Chex cereal, Honey Combs, and Bugles; all topped off with Japanese Furikake seasoning and a sugary butter sauce. Oh my…

Those two words were exactly what I thought a couple days ago after seeing my grandmother and sister hard at work, making the famous (and infamous) party mix. Trail mix on steroids, party mix is one of my grandmother’s delicious snack recipes. She only makes it about once per year, so it’s certainly a big deal. After going shopping for 20+ boxes of all the snacks listed above, she began the hour long process of making this incredibly loved indulgence. To put it straight and clear, party mix is a highly addictive food. Due to its unhealthy nature, every single bite will taste amazing. Imagine a salty, crunchy, bugle enhanced with that delicious roasted seaweed flavor and contrasted by a sweet garnish. I mean, if you’re going to eat unhealthy, this is the way to do it.

Party mix really lives up to its name in that it’s made in huge quantity. Twelve foot tall ziplock bags are sure to last us for at least one month. Yes, it’s definitely a wonderful party snack, but just keeping a gigantic stash of it at home as “insurance” is another great idea. It’s hard to hold back from the party mix pleasures.

Email me if you’d like the recipe at

It’s a real long process, but as you may imagine, it most certainly pays off! 

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  1. Please save me some!


  2. Eric says:

    Processed food


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