An Update on COVID-19


Hey everyone! I hope your weeks went somewhat smoothly. I just wanted to inform you of a couple of quick things:

First, we received news of a Flexport GoFundMe page which was created two days ago. Its purpose is to raise money to fund shipments of medical supplies (masks in particular) to front line workers in the Bay Area who are fighting to treat people with COVID-19. They are hoping to hit 10 million dollars and so far, they’ve already amassed close to half of their goal at 4.3 million bucks. Flexport has said that a 20 dollar donation will provide at least 160 masks for healthcare workers. I think that collaboration is key in overcoming a global threat such as the COVID-19 outbreak. Hey, even a small donation would benefit them greatly. Think of how much of an impact you’d making on each individual person! So if you’re considering giving some money to their cause, know that what you’re doing is going to help a lot.

Secondly, I know that we’re all sort of stuck with this “shelter in place” thing, which isn’t ideal, so I thought that maybe we could have a recipe sharing week. If you have any instructions for quick meals, snacks, etc, you can email me them at “”. In the next few days, I’ll put out a post with the ideas that you submit. It could be cool to try something new! If anything, now’s certainly the time for some home cooking. If you have any sort of food related recipe that you think people would enjoy during this time, and it could really be anything, please do share it with me. The more the merrier!

Stay safe and have a nice week,


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