Timely Takeout

For many of us, takeout during COVID is like a get out of jail free card. Cooking seven dinners a week isn’t easy at all, and so sometimes we’ll just order from one of our favorite spots. It’s fast and efficient. It can even save you a trip to the grocery store. That being said, getting takeout isn’t always easy. For starters, it’s usually more sanitary to heat up, or “nuke”, your takeout before eating it to kill germs. If you order something like a salad, then you sort of put yourself into this awkward predicament. If you heat your salad up, it won’t taste like normal. If you just eat it as it is, you’re possibly consuming some unwanted germs. You can wipe down your boxes/containers/bags as much as you want, but who knows what’s still left on the food? So with that restriction in mind, here are a couple of our family’s favorite takeout spots:

  1. Shana Thai: The name says it all. Mouth watering, stomach filling Thai food. Here, there are a variety of amazing dishes. Between the fried rices, noodles, and curries you’ll be sure to find something. The pumpkin curry is absolutely delicious and if you like a kick to your food, the first spicy level isn’t actually that bad. The portions are relatively large for their price, meaning that depending on how much you eat, you can have the same delicious Thai food for leftovers 2-4 times in the future. What a deal!
  2. Pizzeria Delphina: This place is our newest discovery. Despite it being a “pizzeria”, we’ve actually been eating their spaghetti and meatballs. Their “Family Spaghetti And Meatballs” in the Family Meals section of their menu is what we get. The spaghetti sauce is just so creamy and rich; the noodles slide effortlessly into your mouth. The gigantic meatballs are also super delicious because they’re really tender and soft. In addition, their arugula salad is just killer. My mom even tried to recreate it! Unfortunately, we haven’t tried most of the items on the menu, but I’m sure that their pizzas and other foods are just as delicious! There are also various frozen pasta sauces that you can buy for later as well as frozen gnocchi, a really great replacement for noodles.
  3. Zareen’s: If you want to check out my past post on this location, go here. All you really need to know about this Pakistani (basically Indian) restaurant is that you’re going to want to pace yourself, otherwise you’ll end up with a stomach ache at the end of the night. Yeah, it’s that yummy. All the food comes in these neat circular containers, which you can then take and just dump in a pot on the stove or in the microwave. The dal and paneer are some of our favorites.

Between all three options above, I’m hoping that you’ll maybe take interest in at least one or two. Hey, their food can also serve as great leftovers! Like I’ve said before, a delicious meal can really take away all the negativity that is in our lives right now. So if you’re feeling curious and want to try something new in the coming weeks (or months), why not take a day to splurge and get some timely takeout?

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Min Min says:

    Hi Nate – always great to read your posts! I will second Delfina’s recommendation. Their pizzas are excellent! Our favorite pizza place.


  2. Tom Cole says:

    Thanks Nate for the suggestions! We tried Zareen’s for the first time last Friday and liked it. As you said, the dal was really solid. Tomorrow we’re having Delfina!


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