Fred Steak (Yum!!!!!!!!!)

One of my favorite steaks is called Fred Steak. I love all steaks, but this one in particular. When I first saw it, it just looked like a black slab of burnt meat. After I tasted it, one thought came to in mind, “Oh, my, gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This tastes so good!!!” The sauce is what makes Fred steak so special. Usually you grill it, but sometimes you cook it in an oven. To make it,  put it on the grill and flip over once. After 20 minutes, cut one small piece off and if the meat inside is really red, put it back on the grill. After another 10 minutes, cut it open again. If it is still red, but not red all over, then it is ready to be eaten. The black part, called molasses, seals in all the steak juice so when you eat it, your mouth will be full of yummy juice. Some suggested side dishes are, corn on the cobb, sourdough bread, bacon wrapped asparagus( all you have to make that is wrap bacon around asparagus, then grill it), and grilled veggies including, bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and mushrooms.I hope you get the chance to make this awesome steak, it is the best!        -Nate

Heres a picture of Fred Steak:                                You can buy it at Schaub’s


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  1. OllieinLosAltos says:

    You nailed it. Fred’s Steak is da bomb. I wouldn’t care if Fred makes it or Mary, this stuff is so awesome. I like mine medium rare, the end pieces usually are perfect! One time my Dad was slicing some and a big piece fell on the floor. I was so excited I gulped it up even though it was steaming hot! It was awesome. Until 30 seconds later when I threw up everywhere. So I wouldn’t recommend swallowing a piece while while it’s hot. Also, my Dad is always complaining about how an ounce of steak should never cost more than an ounce of gold. What a whiner.


  2. One time, Nate… we used Fred Steak as our Thanksgiving main instead of turkey! No regrets – that stuff is the best!
    Here’s a question, though – did you ever find out why it’s black? Is it molasses? Espresso? What could it be?


    1. n8chen says:

      Why didn’t you use turkey for your main dish?


  3. Andrew says:

    Fred steak is really good! It’s the best! What is the sauce made out of?


    1. n8chen says:

      Salt and the steak’s natural juice.


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