Bleu Cheese

Do you like bleu cheese? I love it!!! A lot of people dislike its smell, but I think it tastes so great. It looks like white swiss cheese with dabs of blue paint along the outside. When I first tried it, I could not really understand the taste. After a while, I realized that I actually loved bleu cheese. After you let the taste settle in, it feels like a spread of fresh butter put onto your tongue. Bleu cheese comes in two ways: crumbled, whole, or as dressing. I prefer crumbled because you can sprinkle it on salads. Especially cobb salad. If you ever get to try out bleu cheese, let me know how it tastes for you.
Tell me what your favorite meal that includes bleu cheese. Say cheese!!!

Here is a picture of bleu cheese:

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  1. Sof says:

    N8 this is gr8. Did you come up with the handle n8chen?


  2. OllieinLosAltos says:

    My Dad says when he was your age, the only cheese he knew was Kraft American Singles. He practically survived on it sometimes eating four slices at once. You should try it, there are many ways to prepare it. A favorite is to fold it until there are 4 perfect squares. Like fancy? Turn them into triangles. Or put between Wonder bread and grill on a frying pan for the best grilled cheese ever. Let me know if you try it.


    1. n8chen says:

      Wow, Kraft Single cheese must be very expensive.


  3. Nate! I still have trouble with Bleu Cheese. I didn’t grow up with cheese the first time I experienced it, I felt it was so stinky and tasted mouldy! I like it (only a little) better now, though.


  4. LC says:

    Nate, bleu cheese was my go-to salad dressing since I was your age! I know you love it when I put bleu cheese on your salad for school lunch, but I’m now curious- do your friends think it is too stinky?


  5. Eric says:

    I always thought Bleu Cheese was “Blue” Cheese? I love Bleu Cheese, especially with bacon.


  6. Uncle John says:

    Nate – your like me bleu cheese is one of my favorite cheese as additives to other foods especially for burgers and salads and steaks!!!


  7. Chris says:

    Nate – Uncle Jesper love blue cheese, the stinkier the better for him!


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