Food Stroll

A food stroll allows you to explore many different foods about a culture. That is why my family and I went on one a month and a half ago in Trastavere, a local neighborhood in Rome. We visited eight famous Italian restaurants and wine cellars to taste different dishes, appetizers, and even dessert!

At our first stop, we went to one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Trastavere. Our tour guide said there is always a line of people going down the whole block. We tasted a very good mozzarella cheese, along with prosciutto, and sweet melon. It was so delicious! The salty prosciutto mixed well in with the creamy cheese and the melon.

At our second stop, we tasted some wine at a very famous wine cellar. Also along with that, we had some appetizers including caulliflower pudding, roast beef, and chicken ravioli covered in tomato sauce. At the third stop, we went into a big cookie factory! Of course, we tasted cookies including almond cookie, a black and white cookie and a apricot jam cookie. My favorite was the apricot jam cookie because the texture almost felt like a macaroon and I love macaroons.

Cheese, how I love cheese! At a cheese shop, we tasted young and old black peppercorn cheese. The young peppercorn cheese was so light and creamy. The old peppercorn cheese was salty and chewy. Usually, I only have cheddar, goat, and bleu cheese, so I was amazed to see that there are many different cheeses to explore. My favorite stop coming up, a meat shop! The smell was so great in there. The food that we tasted was, flat bread topped with roast chicken with crunchy skin. The flat bread was not too salty and it was not too dry. Crunchy skin is my favorite type of skin to eat!!! Also, the chicken was very moist It was one of the best snacks I have ever had!!!

Have you ever tried Italian fast food? You would probably think that it is just pizza and gelato. One of the new fast foods I tried was a crispy ball stuffed with tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, beef, and bread. Our second to last stop was dinner. We had tons of pasta. I mean tons of pasta. The pastas were black peppercorn sauce drizzled all over noodles, potato shaped pastas covered in tomato sauce, and ravioli stuffed with cheese, spinach and more cheese.

Finally, our last stop was dessert. As you can guess, it was gelato! We went to a gelato store and got tons of unique flavors.  The flavors that I ordered were mango, and lemon with whipped cream on top. I am a very lucky kid to go on a food stroll so I hope you get to go on one too. These are pictures of the appetizers in the wine cellar and the Italian fast food.Featured imageFeatured image

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  1. Aunty Trace says:

    A food stroll sounds delicious! I would love to try the black peppercorn pasta, I’ve never had that before. One of my favorite pastas is black squid ink pasta. It tastes great but not very attractive to eat as your teeth get covered in black ink sauce and makes you look like you have rotten teeth! Haha! (^_^) Try it sometime.


  2. Oh Nate! We should start a business doing a food stroll tour! We eat and stroll and eat and stroll so the calories offset each other. What do you think?


  3. Chris says:

    Sounds like a great trip! Can’t wait for your next topic!


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