Greek Salad

In addition to being healthy, greek salad also tastes good. After my family and I arrived at Greece, we had a greek salad because we wanted to eat really healthy, especially after all that rich and good Italian food. Greek salad consists of sweet tomatoes, crunchy red and green bell peppers, juicy cucumbers, olives, capers (not the salty ones), and a big chunk of perfectly salted feta cheese.It is also topped off with olive oil and pepper. As you can tell, this salad has no meat because it is usually an appetizer and you probably will order another greek dish with lots of meat in it to balance it out. I do not really like capers because sometimes the juice squirts out and gets all over the other good stuff so it does not taste as good. Also,  the chefs might put way to much olive oil and their feta cheese is way too salty so the salad turns out to be more on the  and unhealthy side, so keep these in mind if you want to make it. Making it is easy! Just throw all the veggies I mentioned before, and then top it off with good feta cheese, olive oil (not too much), salt, pepper, and if you want capers (eww!). Finally, if you think that the ingredients in Greek salad are a good mix and you would want to try it someday, give me a yes, otherwise no. Since I really want to here your opinion, please give an answer. Here is a picture of Greek salad and souvlaki that might go along with it:

Featured imageFeatured image

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  1. Chris says:

    Great picture and great write up! I agree you you Nate, I’m not fond of capers too.

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  2. Robert Cardenas says:

    Great blog, Nate! Was wonderful spending time with you and your family! Cam says, “whassup?”

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