Skewers? Or Greek souvlaki?

You might think Greek souvlaki tastes and looks exactly like regular skewers. Well, it’s not. It’s is never served plain like in America. It usually comes with a round piece of pita bread on the bottom and vegetables like tomatoes and red onions on top. That’s what makes it so yummy! I like folding the bread to make a half sandwich with the meat and veggies. The bread will soak up all the meat sauce and the the vegetables will be a perfect balance for the meal.

Greek souvlaki is moist! How I love that word, moist! When I ate souvlaki in Greece, I could taste the delicious flavors going into my stomach.  In America, skewers taste so dry that sometimes I feel like I am eating wheat bread.

Finally, Greek souvlaki portions are big! Very big. Probably enough for two people. So when you order it, you do not have to worry about yourself looking down at your plate and say, “What? I thought it would be bigger!” Also, have you seen the meat on the souvlaki? It is giant! When I take a bite, it fits in my whole mouth! In America, the portions are so small I would even consider them an appetizer. I would eat Greek souvlaki every month or so if I could, (That does not seem like a lot, but remember, I do have lots of other favorite foods!) Not a lot of people are lucky enough to go visit Greece, so I feel fortunate to even try the amazing souvlaki there! Here is a picture of Greek souvlaki:Featured image

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  1. Aunty Trace says:

    Wow! That is the largest souvlaki I’ve ever seen! After a souvlaki like that, it does make American souvlaki look like an appetizer. It looks delicious, especially with the thin onions and other roasted veggies. Can’t wait for your next post. Keep eating, enjoying new foods, and writing!


  2. Nate, you’ve made me all nostalgic! When I was in college in Australia, (huge Greek community there), I would treat myself to souvlaki every week for lunch. At $2 it was such good value for money for a college student! To this day, I miss it so much and have not found anything remotely close to it here in the US.
    Thank you for making me re-live college!


  3. Aunty Jen says:

    Nate-I missed dinner tonight and then read your post. How I would love to try some souvlaki after reading this!! It sounds delicious…you’ve sold me on it! Now where can i find some in the Bay Area…will you make it next time I visit???

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