The Best Grandparents Day Breakfast Ever

Something that my grandparents really appreciate is a nice warm breakfast waiting for them! That’s exactly what my family and I made for them this Sunday for Grandparents Day. When we put a lot of thought into it, something spectacular can come out. I made Nate’s perfected scrambled eggs, my signature dish (they are actually really good!). My cousins, sister, aunt, mom, and dad did the rest including flower decorations, table setting, bacon, waffles, and the fruit plate. When my grandparents walked down the hallway towards breakfast, we threw very pretty, white petals at them. It was like being the flower girl at a wedding, except for the fact that I am a boy and would be considered a flower boy!

The funny thing is, my grandparent’s 50th anniversary was two days ago, so we celebrated both at breakfast! The highlight from breakfast was the golden kiwis. You wouldn’t believe how good they tasted! They are valuable and picked in Australia. Have you ever tried regular green kiwi? It’s usually sour, but every single golden kiwi is soft, sweet, and big!

If you’re wondering why we made these certain foods, it’s because our grandparents will usually eat anything and we thought they would love this. Did they like it? You know the answer. It was HORRIBLE. Just joking, it was AWESOME and I think my grandparents enjoyed five servings each! Next time you eat breakfast, you would probably think, “I wish I had this breakfast!” Finally, one last thing, Happy Grandparents Day, everyone!!!

Crispy Bacon
Crispy Bacon
Taking Fruit
Taking Fruit
Nate the waiter
Nate the Waiter
Nate's perfected eggs
Nate’s Perfected Eggs
My cousin Amanda
My Cousin Amanda
Dad's daily coffee
Dad’s Daily Coffee
Pouring milk
Pouring Milk
Happy Grand Parents Day Everyone
Happy Grandparents Day, Everyone!

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  1. Uncle Nick says:

    I loved that you guys did this, it almost brought a tear to my eye it was so sweet! Good for you and thanks for sharing this. You bring our family much enjoyment from your blog posts. Keep going young man!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sonny says:

    Thank you Nate, and your sister
    , cuzzies, aunt and parents for an awesome grandparents day breakfast. Could not have been better done at a star/ gourmet restaurant

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aunty Trace says:

    Breakfast looked delicious. I’m envious of those golden kiwis, yummo! And how perfect for your grandparents’ Golden Anniversary. Bravo C3 Family! šŸ˜Š


  4. Auntie Jen says:

    You have me craving bacon and eggs Nate!!


  5. CC says:

    Cool post.
    What about the yummy pastries that we had?


    1. n8chen says:

      Well, I did not really want to include them because that would be too much


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