There’s Food in TV Shows ?!

What’s a funny and creative TV show? Cutthroat Kitchen! A food making contest where things go a little wacky! There are three rounds and four competitors. Each round, one chef gets eliminated by an executive chef with a lot of knowledge about food. The best part is yet to come: sabotaging! Each chef gets 25,000 dollars to spend on auction bids to win a sabotage on the other chefs. For example: if the dish for one round was pizza, a sabotage could be sitting out for ten whole minutes unless they dunked their heads in to a big bucket of tomato sauce. Yuck! That’s why it’s called Cutthroat Kitchen! The winner keeps the money he has remaining (usually only around 5000).

In my opinion, I think the TV show is a good business because millions of people watch this every day and only 5000 dollars can be taken away. It would be fun to design sabotages because I can already think of so many! An amazing fact about some of the competitors is that they know how to make a whole lot about foods. This can be an advantage because Alton Brown, the host, can order contestants to make completely random foods. Some sabotages can be good, but the auction buyer usually ends up receiving a sabotage in the end as payback. I think that Cutthroat Kitchen is a great and funny show to watch, so always record it! Looking for an interesting show to watch? It’s Cutthroat Kitchen!

One last question: What sabotage could you think of related to chocolate?

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  1. CC says:

    I love watching Cutthroat Kitchen! I think a sabotage related to chocolate would be using disgusting powders and artificial ingredients to make something chocolate related. Eww

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  2. Eric says:

    have to use chocolate with raw fish like chocolate sushi


  3. Eric says:

    Or how about you have to do Dwight Howard’s chocolate shoulders while you cook?


  4. Aunty Shesh says:

    I haven’t watched Cutthroat Kitchen yet, but will have to watch it with you!


  5. Jack says:

    Nate, I watch that show sometimes but haven’t seen the one with dunking tomato sauce!!!!i hope I can watch it!


    1. n8chen says:

      the tomato sauce dunking, I made up, but if you look through all their shows, it might actually be real!


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