Admiring a Bagel Shop Owner

What’s a place that provides warm and toasty bagel sandwiches? Hmm, let me think! San’s bagel shop, only a few blocks away from our house! Every Sunday morning before church, my sister, dad, and I usually go biking to San’s bagel shop. Now in the winter, my hands feel freezing when riding my bike, so a bagel sandwich really warms them back up! The funny thing is, San always remembers orders from local customers like my family! When I walk up to the counter, San says, “Cheese bagel with egg, bacon, and cheese.” The first time she did that, I was just about to order something! “Wow!” That’s my absolutely favorite thing about her!

I also think the shop is cool because her husband and kids usually help on some days. It must be hard for them to sell all those delicious bagel sandwiches. I would have to look away because of the good smell! My favorite bagel sandwich is called the triple cheese bagel sandwich. It consists of melted cheese, bacon, eggs, cream cheese, and a toasted cheese bagel. Delicious! But my mom never lets me put the cream cheese on top, she thinks it’s unhealthy (I’ve only eaten it once). San’s Bagel Shop also has many other tasty bagels such as cinnamon raison, blueberry, sun dried tomato, cinnamon crunch, blueberry crunch, chocolate chip, onion, garlic, plain, wheat, sesame, wheat sesame, and jalapeno! All these flavorful bagels are at their best in the morning, so hurry up, you don’t want to miss a great breakfast!

Nate: “Is there a secret to making your bagels so good?”
San: “You just have to put a lot of effort in!”

Watch the video below for the real experience:

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  1. Eric says:

    San is the hardest working bagel shop owner in the world!


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