Back to Hawaii

Can you believe that I am heading back to Hawaii on MLK weekend? I can’t, in fact my mom didn’t tell us until three weeks ago. If you’ve been to Hawaii, I am sure you can say that there are plenty of special things that Hawaii has. One of those things really stands out to me. It is ……………….  of course…………….. the food! Not just any food, restaurant food! Right now, I can think of 50 different cool restaurants to dine at, but these are the ones I am looking forward to the most (I have been to these restaurants before):

1.Sushi I I

Description: A sushi bar with some of the most tasty fishes in the world (not including Caviar!). Including the golden red snapper fish! There is also a really good salmon skin and cloves salad with a Shitake dressing to go along.

2. Waialae country club Sunday morning buffet

Description: A breakfast buffet with a view of the Pacific ocean. The buffet has two buffet tables and everyday, there is usually something new on the second table such as Portuguese sausage or fried rice. Also, there is always an omelet making station, a waffle toppings area along with a fresh waffle maker, and guava and orange juice. In addition to that, there are donuts, fruit, bagels/toast, cream cheese, jam, butter, smoked salmon, pastries, and more!

3. Little Sheep

Description: A choose your own hot pot toppings place. Their specialty is the sauce bar, in which you can make your own dipping sauces. My favorite combo is ponzu sauce, green onions, sesame oil, and sugar. Try it out, I am pretty sure you’ll like it!

4. Kirin

Description: A Chinese restaurant with really good fried chicken and warm winter melon soup. Usually you have to wait in line there when it is  crowded. I advise you try not to do!

5. Tanaka Tokyo

Description: A man cooks in front of you while performing tricks such as the onion volcano and also doing funny things. You can get shrimp, chicken, or beef as your entree and everyone dining gets the best fried rice along with corn, bean sprouts, mushrooms and some tasty sauce. Just telling, you gotta go there. Seriously!

6. Waiola Shaved Ice

Description: Just a local favorite of Honolulu. The flavors are really good and the toppings are too! Not to mention the smooth cold ice. You can’t beat a bowl of mango shaved ice with cold condensed milk on a hot sunny day, can you?

These suggestions sure are some of the best, so next time you’re heading to Hawaii, check these suggestions for where to go next!

P.S.  My next post will be the first “Ask Nate” monthly post. Make sure to write a question or two about food and I that you want me to answer. You can do this in the comments section. In my next post, I’ll answer your questions. Have fun writing questions!

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  1. Kelsey McMillan says:

    I am always looking for fabulous food recommendations, so thank you for sharing! I have yet to make it to Hawaii, but it is on my list of places to visit. Your blog post is further inspiration for me to look into a trip in the near future. I mean, how can I resist delicious warm winter melon soup and a choose-you-own-toppings hot pot on an island in the Pacific?

    Thanks for doing some research on great places to eat before I make it there!


  2. Ollie says:

    Whoa Nate, I think you are exaggerating a bit here. According to you Dad, Hawaii has all but 6 restaurants total? Also from the way you describe all of the cuisine, I’m pretty sure you’ve been spending time in Taiwan… Do they not serve American food in Hawaii, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the 50 US states.

    My question for you, if you had to eat one food and one food only for the rest of your life, what would it be? And then, would you actually do it for what you want most (e.g., $1 billion). Ask your parents whether they think this is a silly question and tell me what they say.


  3. Sof Astatke says:

    My question Nate. What type of food haven’t you tried yet that you would like to try the most?


  4. Eric says:

    You forgot the Starbucks at the mall, where we spend all our time in hawaii. But these are great choices and the good news is they’re all within a 5 min drive … like everything else in Honolulu.

    My question: How does your family pick what restaurant it eats at?


  5. Aunty Corrinne says:

    My Question for you, Nate: What would you choose as your last meal on earth?


  6. Laura says:

    Nate, I would love to know:
    If you were to start a restaurant, what type would it be?


  7. Sophie says:

    Nate, I want to know:
    If you were to pick one favorite dessert, what would it be?


  8. Popo says:

    what meal would you enjoy the most?
    Breakfast,Lunch or Dinner


  9. gonggong says:

    which country do you enjoy the food the most?

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