Making Money!

Dad says, “Nate, this week you get to do an excel spreadsheet for math.” Nate thinks, “Yes!” My dad usually gives me around 10 pages of math every week, but this week I got to do a real interesting excel project. It has to do with this blog and some ads! My dad wants me to receive some revenue from my website and this excel spreadsheet can help. I have to say, learning about ads seems boring, but when you see the outcomes for your website, you can get real excited!

Putting links on my website can help generate money. I first learned about cpa (cost per action), cpm (cost per thousand views), and last but not least, cpc (cost per click). My excel spreadsheet for the cpc, cpa, and cpm related to my blog looks like this:

The blue words mean I can change the number and the black words means that it is an equation and can’t be changed.

I actually used WordPress (this website) to find many of my stats for the spreadsheet. You all put up a lot of views and comments! A surprising fact: my blog has over 1800 views over 50 posts. That’s quite a lot for only 35 followers. I also have over 230 comments. Every time one of you read a post or comment, the comments and views just get higher and higher and I thank you all for that. This excel spread sheet was just a test, but in the future my dream on this food blog is to get ads!

I have a question: What can I do to help make my food blog more popular?

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  1. Aunty Corrinne says:

    Hi Nate!
    It looks like this food blog might be your ‘big break’!
    I have a friend from Singapore who loves food, like you and began a food blog years ago just to share her musings about her meals. Now she runs an award winning, revenue generating food blog: She even travels around the world to try restaurants.
    I am so proud that you’re thinking and dreaming BIG!
    Go Nate!


  2. Max and Nick Talwar says:

    Hi Nate,
    Max and I have thoroughly enjoyed this post. We have sat here together on Sunday morning using this post as inspiration for him understand CPA, CPM, and CPC too. He also was salivating at the potential revenue you will generate and now wants to start his own website. Any ideas on topics Max can dig into?

    As for getting more readers, do you let everyone read your posts or do they need to be invited in? If only invited in, have you thought about broadening your group of invited followers? How about asking your parents to dig a bit deeper into their trusted online rolodex and see if you can invite some more folks?

    Nick, Max (and Annika in the background).


    1. n8chen says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Uncle Nick! I really haven’t thought of that. I am sure this new idea will attract more visitors to my food blog. Also, I am glad I helped inspire you and Max to understand cps, cpa, and cpm. Suggestions for Max’s website could be video games, it’s so cool to play video games so why not blog about them. Hope you liked this suggestion!


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