Perfect For Valentine's Day (with Bonus Video)

These are the tons of layers of chocolate covered strawberries that me and my mom made

Chocolate covered bananas? No, chocolate covered pineapple? That’s disgusting. How about chocolate covered strawberries? Yes!  I recently helped my mom make delicious chocolate covered strawberries – perfect for Valentine’s Day. My whole grade (fourth grade) needed volunteers to bring in dessert for our big Valentine’s party, so my mom thought of chocolate covered strawberries right away. The red color of the strawberry really represents Valentine’s Day and the chocolate reminds me of the sweetness of this holiday. In addition to that, some strawberries are heart shaped, so that also reminds me of Valentine’s Day. I also brought some heart shaped palmiers (flaky cookie with sugar on top) to the party, but those weren’t as popular. My friend Andrew even picked up his chocolate covered strawberry when it fell on the floor! The video below is of me making one chocolate covered strawberry and I’m telling you, the process isn’t easy, but it’ll pay off in the end!


  1. Nestle chocolate chips
  2. Two packs of fresh strawberries (sorry, I don’t know where my mom bought these)
  3. Spoon (for mixing and even though this is not an ingredient, I decided to add it as well)
  4. Microwave (for melting the chocolate chips and even though this is totally  not an ingredient, I decided to add it as well)

Video: Strawberry making video

-Nate Chen

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelsey McMillan says:

    And they were DELICIOUS!! Thank you for sharing them with the class!


    1. n8chen says:

      You’re very welcome! For future class parties, I can make them again!


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