China Town!

NOTHING is better than a trip to Chinatown with your friends. This miraculously happened when my Chinese class, Chinese teacher, parent chaperones and I drove to Chinatown three weeks ago. We explored Chinatown, ate a delicious lunch, and did some shopping!  Here are some of the interesting things I learned:

  1. Chinese people never waste any animal parts, so sometimes they eat brains! Yuck!
  2. Dim sum is a popular type of Chinese food and is often devoured for brunch.
  3. There are only a couple hundred last names in China .
  4. If you look around for long enough, you can see your last name on a building sign.

This is why I loved Chinatown:

  1. Low prices for EVERYTHING.
  2. Fun toys.
  4. Chinese medicine is REAL GOOD FOR YOU.
  5. There are fortune cookie factories with fresh, hot cookies.

Here are some foodie facts:

  1. Sweet and sour chicken is a big winner!.
  2. Soy sauce in fried rice doesn’t taste so good…
  3. Egg rolls taste like veggie spring rolls without actual eggs.
  4. Mints taste good, but look artificial. They also don’t seem like a Chinese candy…
  5. Chinese restaurants usually have a Lazy Susan for big parties.
  6. Deer legs are a Chinese remedy as well as lizard soup.
  7. Chinese people eat every part of an animal, even the brain!

Finally, if  you haven’t tried tea from Chinatown, these are some pointers:

  1. Strawberry Pearl Milk Tea is delicious and doesn’t have any tea flavor, just barely. The milk version is very sweet (too sweet).
  2. Tea tasting is fun, but very hot.
  3. Lychee tea barely tastes like lychee, but is pretty good.
  4. Pearls don’t taste like anything.
  5. Green tea is too bitter for me.
  6. Chinese people really love to eat tea.
  7. Tea is also really cheap

Here are some photos my dad took at our adventure throughout  Chinatown:

Fish at a local market

Fortune Cookie Lady at a fortune cookie factory                                                     Me and my friend Claire at a tea tasting place         My friends and I eating a delicious lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown                                           Me with a bin of frogs at a local supermarket                   Our tour guide showing us a fried scorpion and it’s uses                          My Chinese class and I in a park located in ChinatownEven though some of these foods in the photos might seem disgusting, but for Chinese people, the low prices is all that matters!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    Hey! Our class didn’t get to do a tea tasting!


    1. n8chen says:

      We only tried 2 types of tea, so you didn’t miss out on much!


      1. n8chen says:

        Although the lychee tea WAS pretty good.


  2. Cathy says:

    What an informative article, Nate! You’ve reminded me how fun our SF Chinatown is!!!


    1. n8chen says:

      You know, there are lots of other Chinatowns that are fun, but China doesn’t actually have a real Chinatown!


  3. safelinkio says:

    You got my attention when I read cheap. Nate, did you know that fortune cookies are not from China and instead from entrepreneurial restaurantouers from Hong Kong? It’s based on a xing nien eve tradition in China of hiding a coin in a single dumpling. But you probably know it better than me. But if you don’t, reply back and PayPal me $1 and I’ll tell you the rest. Ollie, woof.


    1. n8chen says:

      Actually I don’t know it better than you, but I ain’t gonna pay pal you $1 when I can look it up on GOOGLE!!!


  4. Science Kid says:

    I remember we went here in fourth grade.


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