Smithfield's Meat Market (best in London)

As you all know from the last post, I am traveling to London this summer. There are a lot of fun activities to explore in London, but I am really looking forward to buying some meat from the famous Smithfield’s meat market. My family and I are staying in a house for about 1 month in London, so buying some yummy meats at this famous location will be very necessary! Here are some meaty facts about Smithfield’s meat market:

  1. Smithfield’s meat market receives the biggest and best cows everyday!
  2. Workers hang up cows for customers to see. Then customers can choose what part of the cow they want to buy!
  3. It is the oldest meat market in London!

I have heard a TON about Smithfield’s meat market, so for future trips to London I would recommend going there. Also, this attraction is a lot like a tunnel with mini meat markets on all sides, but the beautiful drawings and carvings all around the market make it really pop out! My family and I are still open to suggestions for what to eat in London, but this time, I would like to ask:What meats are good in London? Lamb? Tri-Tip? Prime Rib? Chicken? I don’t know if this is a fact, but by the look of Smithfield’s meat market’s meats, I think that this place has got to be the most famous market in all of London!

Have a wonderful weekend and Memorial Day! Stay cool!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Nate, I have never heard of Smithfield’s! I look forward to learning more about it after you go there in person! Have a wonderful time during your month in London. That sounds fabulous! Say hi to Sophie and your parents for me!


  2. Auntie Sandy says:

    Sounds yummy! Have fun in London and make sure you post some pictures of all the fun you’re having!


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