I’m Still Here

Sorry if you haven’t heard from me in one month. I have been working on something special related to my glamorous London trip. Meanwhile, I just wanted you to know that I have started Keys Middle School (Whoo Whoo) and there are a lot foodie things going on.

At Keys Lower School, you aren’t able to trade food, so we definitely are in for a treat at the Middle School. Generally, food that students trade for are usually chips, juice, baked goods, bread, bacon, gummies, cheese, fruit roll ups, etc. But who thought my nectarines from the farmers market could make it up there!?

Even more huh!

Well apparently, my friend Graham was willing to trade his WHOLE lunch for just one of my coveted nectarine slices. Same thing for my friend Topher. He was going to barter a bag of gummies, some mint Oreos, and a cheese stick for ONE nectarine slice (I get about 7-9 pieces everyday)! What a deal!  The funny thing is, Topher only wants my nectarines, so he can trade them with with Graham. I don’t blame him though, because Graham does have some yummy snacks. Ironically, I have only made a few trades because I also love my nectarines and sometimes they appear quite vile and mushy (I don’t want to trade disgusting looking nectarines), so I just eat them myself.

Besides trading food, I have also discovered a cool and loud trick during Middle School lunch.  Maybe you can try this:

  1. Drink all of the liquid inside a milk/juice carton
  2. Blow air into the carton
  3. Fold the drinking folds so that the carton is a cuboid or cube
  4. Place the carton on the ground with the folded folds facing downward
  5. Take a running leap and stomp on the juice/milk carton
  6. The noise should sound like a fire cracker
  7. If the box didn’t make a sound fold it up and try again
  8. Have fun!

I didn’t discover this trick on my own. I first heard it when my friends Daniele and Alessandro pulled off this little stunt the eating area. The noise was so loud it got almost everybody’s attention! There is a reason for the carton popping. Scaring bees away! Speaking of bees, there definitely are a solid amount of them pecking away at our lunches. For two days in a row, the bees have forced us to move to different spots in the lunch quad. So inconvenient!

Anyway, lunch time is probably my favorite part of school because I get an amazing lunch packed from my mom and everyone is making up jokes and laughing, so you really can’t be in a bad mood. There are many sitting spots around the eating quad. My favorite is the four colorful chairs right in the middle of the turf. You can see everything that’s going on from there, but that’s where all the bees come.

School lunch might seem simple, but in the end, there is always something funny, interesting, fun, or weird to do!

Speaking of fun, my school is taking it up a notch with an Outdoor Education camping trip tomorrow. I’m sure there’ll be lots of food related stories to blog about. Can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Auntie Jen says:

    Nate-your mom gave us some of those farmer’s market nectarines and they are indeed delicious! Glad to hear you’re having so much fun at middle school.


    1. n8chen says:

      Another recent event that happens at lunch time is the burn battle. Basically, two students burn each other in the best ways. Glad you are enjoying the nectarines!


  2. Cathy says:

    Nate, I’m so happy to receive this new edition of your blog! I’m glad that you are continuing it! Have great fun on your camping trip! I know someone else who is going, too! Maybe you’ll come home with a yummy s’mores recipe!


  3. n8chen says:

    I did eat a lot of smores there. Great guess!


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