In the Mood for Costco’s Food

It’s funny that I bring up Costco again, because the last time I did a Costco post in November 2015, I didn’t tell you how good the food is.  Previously, I shared that I was going on Outdoor Education and would have some foodie experiences. I asked our camping head chef where he got his food from. What do you know? He replied, “Mostly from Costco!”

As I now reflect back on my foodie experiences on Outdoor Education, I really enjoyed the Costco brand meatballs. The flavorful juice emitting from the sides was just so tasty, I figured it deserved a spot on my blog. Now this isn’t any meatball. It is BIG, TENDER, and most of all, EASY to cook. The chef made dinner for 50 people in 10 minutes with those things. Incredible! At the end of supper, the chef said that he hated left overs, so my friend Alexi and stood at the pot and kept eating those meatballs.YUM!

Speaking of easy  to cook, my family and I have come to love Costco’s various mix-it-together-salads such as the Taylor Farm’s Asian Cashew Chopped Salad  and Eat Smart Kale Salad Mix. All you have to do is put the ingredients on top, then pour on the dressing. A good trick to making these salads better is to buy a whole roasted chicken. Use your hands to shred it and boom, you’ve got yourself some extra protein. After that, you could just make some chicken soup with the leftover chicken bones. From the time we discovered these two salads until now, my mom has probably bought a combined total of 50 whole packages (one whole package=4-5 people fed). I have to say that whether these salads are being used for parties or just family dinner, it’s always a great hit.

Since Costco is so large, there definitely will be some more food products to explore. I would like to know what’s your favorite food item from Costco? My mom and I are always looking for more lunch/dinner options. As an add on, go back to my previous Costco post on samples. You’ll get a good laugh.

If you are wondering why I even like Costco? Well …… IT’S COSTCO, a.k.a food heaven, place for large amounts of food. Definitely my style.😜

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  1. Sonny Ching says:

    I don’t know Who is on your distribution list but would you please add the following person to your list.


    She is a friend of ours and just loves your blog


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. n8chen says:

      I actually don’t have to accept people onto my blog. You can tell Susan Soong that she can just look at my blog with out me adding her. Have a great New Year!


  2. Sof says:

    All Beef Hot Dog and a Coke for $1.50…. can’t beat it!!!


    1. n8chen says:

      I always look at that deal in Cosco. Unfortunately, I never go to Cosco around lunch time. 😦


  3. Luke says:

    Nate, do you wanna go to Cooooooostco? My baba likes the vegetarian sausages.


    1. n8chen says:

      Luke, tell your baba that the kale salad mix would be a great veggie dish for dinner!


  4. Cathy says:

    Nate, I love the Eat Smart broccoli kale salad mix, too! I add bite-sized chunks of apple and fresh navel orange segments to make a very refreshing salad. I haven’t tried adding shredded Costco rotisserie chicken to the Asian cashew salad mix, but will definitely try that next.

    Best wishes to both you and Sophie for a wonderful school year!


  5. n8chen says:

    Thanks! I have already used many of your writing tips in English class. The apple and orange additions sound great. I will definitely make those add ons a request!


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