Not Just Edible, But Exquisite

There is no better birthday present than fresh exquisite fruit arrangements in the morning. Since my cousins Bodie and Keoni knew that I love fruit, they ordered delicious arrangements for my birthday! When the makers of this product say arrangements, they actually put different pieces of fruit together to make realistic shapes! For example, they cut a flower shape out of a pineapple, then added an orange ball of melon to make the bud!

I personally think that these “exquisite” arrangements make a lot of money, because taking the time to arrange fruit can be a hard task. It’s a great gift! You can customize what fruits and shapes you want in your little vase. There are lots of other Edible Arrangements that you can directly purchase from the website. My favorite is the giant party size basket with every single type of fruit coming out. It’s just so interesting how they use make the fruit look so delicious.

One question that stands out to me is: What do the makers of Edible Arrangements do with the leftover fruit? Cutting all these shapes out, there will be a lot of random chunks of fruit. For example, if you look at the photo below, you can see that there is a round ball of melon. Cutting round balls of melon out of a whole melon will result in tons of extra fruit because a bunch of small balls don’t fit into a bigger ball. I imagine that people just eat the fruit, so it isn’t a waste.

The thing I like most about edible arrangements is the colors from all of the wonderful fruit. A splash of red here, a dribble of green there, and a stretch of yellow in the middle. They look like a rainbow! But of course they have to look good because after all, these fruit arrangements definitely are exquisite!

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  1. Cathy says:

    Happy Birthday, Nate!!!!! Thanks for the great article about your edible arrangement! Say hello to your family for me!


    1. Evan says:

      We want one too! – keoni and bodie
      Glad you enjoyed it, Nate, and thanks for blogging about it! – Uncle Evan and Auntie Anda


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