Is Butter Really Better?

Everyone probably tells you to not eat all the oily and fat foods such as butter. As a kid, you would ask: WHY? Someone would tell you that fat is very bad for you and damages your health.

This scenario is fading because the sugar industry deluded everyone about thirty years ago. They explained that fat is bad for you, but sugar is actually ok. So for three decades, everyone ate sugar as if they were to take bite out of an apple. Now with advanced technology, scientists can prove that the sugar industry is WRONG. Fat is ok to eat if you don’t eat too much (you need the protein), but sugar is just the worst! Sugar gives you cavities, rushes, stomach aches, makes you tired, gives you disease (if you eat too much of it) etc.

This discovery really sounds absurd, but I guess people are taking the news for real. My dad puts in two table spoons of butter in his coffee every other day. I don’t think I could stand one table spoon. Butter is a very good example of fat. It’s basically just the really fat milk that comes out of cows mixed and then cooled.

Even though scientists may be right, I am still not going to eat too much fat because I despise the yucky feeling it gives you. Honestly, I don’t think that the argument: “But fat is OK to eat!” would allow you more cake or some other dessert. Everyone is just conditioned to thinking that fat is bad for you.

Overall, I think that this news is only a slight satisfaction when you come across a food with fat in it. So next time to put more butter on your toast, you can think, “Is butter really better?”

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