Christmas Cravings

Something that really boosts Christmas is the food. Whether it’s hot chocolate or egg strata, these treats are only devoured during the special holiday. This year, my family and I are spending Christmas in Hawaii with our grandparents. My grandmother is the BEST home cook! She made all of the chinese remedies, if you don’t remember that post. Her cooking is always delicious when we travel to Hawaii in the summer, so I can hardly wait for the pleasant surprises she has in stock! In the meantime, I wanted to share my top Christmas Cravings from past seasons.

My top 5 favorite Christmas cravings:

  1. Aunty Shelli’s Gingerbread Cookies
    These little delights are great for the holiday because you not only get to make them, but also eat these sweet treats. I love putting green and red M&Ms on top.
  2. Satura Cakes Donuts
    Did you know that Satura Cakes is one of the only bakeries open on Christmas in Los Altos? My family and I always take advantage this convenience to get our favorite breakfast donuts. We especially love the Crunchy Brioche and the Satura Donut. We start off with about two full boxes and there are only a few left by the end of breakfast.
  3. Egg Strata
    This dish takes a long time to prepare, but can be done the night before. My mom piles loads of goodies (sausage, cheese, spinach, tomatoes) on top of a pan of eggs. This is only made for breakfast and is usually gone by the end of the morning.
  4.  Hot Chocolate … of course
    No food describes Christmas better than some warm hot chocolate. You know how at Starbucks and other Cafes you can order Hot Chocolate with whip cream? You think that is good? You should check out my Aunt’s Hot Chocolate Bar.                                   The bar had colored marshmallows, chocolate spoons, Pirouette chocolate wafers, M&Ms, Sprinkles, Candy Canes, Sugar Sticks, and of course fresh whip cream. While this delight might not be that healthy, it sure is one I will not forget.
  5. Arabiki Sausages
    I think that going to Hawaii is so special because it is one of the only places where you can buy Arabiki Sausages. These small links have an unique taste and squirt out juice when you bite into them. Combining these with the Satura Cakes donuts makes the perfect salty-sweet breakfast.

If your holiday plans aren’t already so stacked, you should take some time and try one of these cravings because Christmas will seem so much better with them. I want to ask you: what is your favorite Christmas food?  I haven’t left yet, so everyone’s suggestions will be definitely considered. Have a great holiday!

Here are some pictures of my Christmas Cravings:

Filled Malasadasurl.jpg

Cooked Arabiki Sausages


Gingerbread Cookies fresh out of the oven.


Not a Christmas Craving, but still part of the exciting holiday.img_8648

Hot Chocolate Barimg_8647

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ollie says:

    I am drooling as I read this as I recently had an introduction to chocolate, and while it was a bit painful a few hours later, I’m addicted.


    1. n8chen says:

      I was also drooling when I saw these cookies. Luckily, I did get to eat a few of them the next day! If Ollie likes chocolate, you can put lots of m&ms on these treats. But that is next Christmas so just stick with the Snickers Bars.


  2. Barbara Ching says:

    Aaaaw Nate. U r too sweet! Now pressure for me to cook the BEST for you. ❤️ your blogs. Makes one salivate!

    See ya soon! ❣🌺🎄🙂🙃 Po-pee

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. n8chen says:

    Hope I didn’t leave too much pressure! By the way, your jook was excelente!


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