Maui Wowie!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with lots of food (I did)! Before my family and I traveled to Oahu, the island where my grandparents live, we stopped on Maui for a family friend’s wedding. Although not there for long, I quickly noticed some outlandish foodie features on this island:

  1. Teen Menu – Have you ever experienced a teens menu? My first encounter with it came at Ferraro’s, a poolside lunch bar at the Four Season’s Hotel, where the wedding was held. My sister usually asks for the kids menu, but the waitress encouraged us to try the teens menu. I thought this was a great idea because when I order off the adult menu, I often come home with leftovers. The teens menu featured many of the same items on the adult menu, but with smaller portions. The teens menu also offered food that an average teenager would enjoy!
  2. Maui Onion – Maui Onion this, Maui Onion that. As a classic vegetable on the wide farms of Maui, these sweet onions sure bring any food to life! Many of the restaurants I dined at included Maui Onions instead of plain onions because they are so special. On the plane ride to this Hawaiian island, the captain announced that all passengers would receive a bag of Maui Onion Chips as a snack. I was so excited I even considered asking for two (my sister did), but that would be unfair. Onions are generally in my top three veggies, so whenever I eat them in Maui, I am in heaven!
  3. P.O.G (Passion Orange Guava Juice) Complimentary – 99.9% of all restaurants will serve water complimentary, but juice? I usually ask for water because it is a healthy choice, but one time at a restaurant, the waiter asked me if I wanted P.O.G, a popular hybrid juice. I gladly accepted the yummy drink because Hawaii is one of the only places where you can get this.
  4. Putting Non Edible Items in Your Drinks – At my dad’s friend’s wedding, we went up to a bar because we needed to wait  for the bride and groom to take pictures down at the beach. I quickly got in line and ordered a Pina Colada, pineapple and coconut with milk. Two minutes later, I received this sweet drink and took a sip only to find a Hawaiian flower jamming up the straw. I know that in cocktails some bartenders will add fruit to make the drink better, but a flower? That certainly was the highlight of the night.
  5. Virgin Pina Colada for Kids – A lot of bars serve drinks with alcohol, but who knew that one would make a virgin version just for kids. Since Pina Colada is my favorite Hawaiian drink, I found this convenience a huge delight!

Since I am on vacation, I will be writing another post soon. Happy Holidays!

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  1. n8chen says:

    Happy Holidays everyone!


  2. Nate please don’t show all this fine dining to Emily and Cooper. Since auntie Polly isn’t around as much on this trip, they are eating in the streets with mopeds speeding by inches from their exposed bodies. Every breakfast literally could be their last… on the other hand we are eating a full meal for about US$3.50, which makes the risks worthwhile.


    1. Eric says:

      There’s that place where you can boil an egg from the hot springs that bubbles up from the cracks in the highway. Whole place smells like sulfur though


      1. n8chen says:

        Maybe my next post should be about that!


    2. n8chen says:

      I think that Emily and Cooper will be glad to return home so they can eat more delicious foods. Have a great time in Taiwan!


    3. n8chen says:

      If you didn’t notice, I put a reply lower on this page.Emily and Cooper should read it!


  3. Eric says:

    Pineapple and coconut water will make any drink taste good. Did you like the virgin pina colada? Also, the fruits in hawaii taste like candy to me. They are super sweet.


  4. n8chen says:

    I will take any Hawaiian drink because of the fruits. They aren’t just candy, they are delicacies!


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