Local Grinds (Diamond Market and Grill)

Nothing is better than starting your day with a fresh blueberry scone from Diamond Head Market and Grill. Located a few blocks from my grandparent’s house, this destination holds everything from salads to pastries to local favorites. I notice that my cousin Christina especially values the lemon crunch cake and biscuits, so she requested to go at 6:15 AM her first day here! That’s a commitment! I also realize that everyone in my family is constantly asking if we could go there, even if we just ate.

Although everything is a bit unhealthy, this mountain side location is the perfect treat before we go to an early morning activity like snorkeling! In an earlier post, I recommended spam musubi as a snack! Diamond Market and Grill’s spam musubi also contains eggs and furikake (sesame and seaweed) making it my favorite option there. The best part about Diamond Market and Grill is that you can go buy food for any part of the day (evening, afternoon, morning, noon, night, etc). There is rarely a long line, so this is a great go to place for my family and I. I hope that if anyone ever travels to Oahu, they could consider Diamond Head Market and Grill as a food option! Happy New Year!

Buttermilk Biscuits
Egg Spam Musubi
Scones (Banana and Blueberry Cream Cheese)
Grill Menu




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  1. Science Kid says:

    This sounds yummy! Where is this?


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