Look, it’s Jook!


Ever looking for a Chinese dish that also has many mouth watering toppings? Jook is the answer. My family and I eat rice as our main carb because we are Chinese. Jook, a Chinese classic with a mixture of rice, chicken broth, and many other spices, is one of our favorite Chinese dinners.  It’s very similar to chicken soup and rice, but with a thicker taste. As in my “Going Back to My Roots” post, this is the perfect go-to dish when I am craving a little Chinese food.

I suggest dumping at least one handful of minced pork on your jook because this topping enhances the somewhat bland flavor. At first, you might think minced pork looks like red hair in a jar, but once the flavors start melting in your mouth, you won’t stop chowing down on this condiment. My dad loves minced pork so much that his jook actually looks like minced pork with jook as a topping!

For a Christmas Eve special, my grandma made two whole pots of jook, one with fish and the other with chicken. I took advantage of this new addition and picked out twice as much chicken as I usually get. Since we also had a delicious fish salad that night, it was like a Chinese feast on steroids.

If you went on a vacation during the holidays, this soup is the best home cooked meal for when you return home because just look, it’s jook.

All the Men Eating Dinner on the Porch
The Gigantic Pot of Chicken Jook (The Pot Actually was Filled to the Top When We Started)
All the Flavorful Toppings


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Da Buo Buo says:

    Oh man, that looks delish!


    1. n8chen says:

      Since Bodhi and Keoni are Chinese, maybe they will love it too. Have a great New Year!


  2. ollieinlosaltos says:

    I really love the new blog look – you must be paying big bucks for the upgrade. Who did your logo? Amazing. Now the bad news, there is a typo in your very first sentence😳. Is that by design to emphasize that you are Chinese? Second, the caption on your first photo appears to be incorrect. You say 4 men, but I see a young man, a small child and 2 very immature senior citizens trying to act like men?


  3. n8chen says:

    The small child is Luke, my cousin. Also, could you show me the typo because I don’t see one. My cousin Christina did the logo (She loves to design stuff).


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