Steak Sous Vide Style

Whenever my family and I eat steak for dinner, my dad usually grills it outside. This method gets you that original steak flavor, but if you want to go to an entire new level, try the sous vide method(this word is French and is pronounced: su vee).

With an idea deriving from Uncle Mark (my sister’s friend’s dad) at a New Year’s Eve party, my dad ordered a sous vide a couple days later. He tested out this fantastic tool at our family dinner this week.

A sous vide is a just a cylinder that you can clip onto a pot. It has a heater,  pump, and thermometer. It runs on electricity and is very portable. The whole point of the sous vide is precision cooking. There is an iPhone app that controls the heater and pump. This app tells you how hot to set the heater for every single type of meat.

While some might say this machine takes a long time to cook meats, chickens, and other proteins, it sure is worth the wait (6 hours). The basic process is to put a raw meat (my family and I did steak) into a plastic bag, then drop it into a pot of water. After that, leave it up to the sous vide. This invention heats the water up to certain temperatures in an instant. This trick helps change the temperature of the steak itself! The built-in pump circulates the water, so that all sides of the meat are cooked. This machine also uses a pump speed-to-temperature rate, so that even the middle of any raw meat can be cooked.

When we first tried this out, it was raining hard. Unfortunately, the steak needed to be cooked for 6 hours and an unexpected power outage☹️ impeded the cooking time to just 4. When I finally had the chance to taste the steak, I thought, “Man, it really was worth the wait!” The sous vide had done its job so well that I couldn’t tell if it was made by a  professional meat cooker or not. The insides were soft like butter and the recipe didn’t even require any oil!

I didn’t have to worry about cutting thick clumps of meat or getting my shirt dirty. The steak my dad made was also glazed with barbecue sauce making it seem like a combination of Western America and Europe.

I recommend this device because it actually makes kids like eating meats. For example, my sister doesn’t always eat all of her meat, but mostly sticks to the carbs. I noticed that she ate the sous vide steak like it was a chocolate sundae.

I bet if all the parents could get their children to eat meat like it was a chocolate sundae, than they would be in so much relief. Get out and try those sous vides!

Here is a link to buying a sous vide machine (My dad got the Anova brand): Anova Sous Vide

For my next post, I thought that it would be fun to have a guest blogger. They could offer recipes or food recommendations. Email me if you are interested!

The Anova App Showing Steak
Our Sous Vide at Work!


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  1. Karim says:

    Hi Nate, it is Uncle Karim (Stella and Ellie’s dad). That steak looks amazing! Now I want to get a Sous Vide machine. Have you tried to cook anything else with it?


    1. n8chen says:

      Yep! We have tried Terryaki Chicken, soft eggs, and lamb chops. Are were delicious! You should try them out too!


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