Sizzler’s Steak House, Just for Kids!

Let’s face it, most steakhouses showcasing divine and delicious steak aren’t meant for kids. Well, on a Saturday night, I gladly dined at Sizzler’s Steak House with my friend Graham Kim and a few others. While many other steak houses produce fine steak, I think that Sizzler’s is extremely special because not only does the menu offer mouth watering options, but right in the middle of the feast there is…………. drum roll please……………. a salad bar!

When many kids (like me) first order the unlimited salad bar option, they think it is just another time to eat veggies. However, when they see the famous banana pudding and other items that generally don’t belong in a salad bar (e.g, soft serve ice cream), it suddenly becomes their top choice. The funny thing is though, you can eat a whole meal just devouring items featured in Sizzler’s salad bar.

But the Sizzler salad bar isn’t the only delight at this restaurant. Ranging from T-Bone to New York Strip, Sizzler’s steak options won’t let you down! Once I went to get water and I saw how hard the chefs work. I feel that every single part of the steak is made with care and passion because I can definitely taste it on the plate!

Often diners who are hungry just want a piece of food right away, no matter what it is. That is why I love Sizzler’s. Right when you walk in, you can order your food in about 5 seconds and then dive right into the feast. It really is that simple! In addition, no one ever gets hungry at Sizzler’s because the waiters there provide you with a nonstop supply of cheesy toast and regular bread.

There is only so much you can learn about Sizzler’s Steak House from this blog post, so go try it out (especially if you have kids who LOVE food)! Trust me, you’ll be stuffed.

Sorry if my face looked weird in the photo. I just had a piece of steak in my mouth.

Sizzler Salad Bar


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  1. Ummm, no, no, no… I worked at a Sizzler for a long time Nate. I used to make the salad bar, wash dishes, cook steaks and bus tables. I don’t recommend going to a Sizzler often…


    1. n8chen says:

      Yeah I guess, but I think that the delicious food there still makes up for the disgusting stuff.


  2. Lena says:

    Is that a lobster tail on your plate? Sizzler was one of the few restaurants I went to as a kid. Fond memories for me there!


    1. n8chen says:

      If you don’t remember, my family and I used to eat at a restaurant on El Camino called Fresh Choice. It was exactly like Sizzler’s. Also, I originally ordered crispy shrimp, but I decided to get lobster because it looked good!


  3. Eric says:

    You were supposed to just eat from the salad bar and take the steak home!


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