It May not Taste Like Home, But It’s Still Great

I don’t know if I shared this last time I did a camping post, but every year, my Uncle and Aunty have a cousin camping trip (me, Sophie, Christina, Amanda, Luke) This time, we decided to go to Angel Island instead of Point Reyes. Besides all the hikes and games that we do when camping, I feel that the food is heaven. It might not be Filet Mignon, but boy do I love the experience.

First of all, since camping is camping, we can be more casual with our food. If an Oreo falls into the grass, as long as it doesn’t land in some droppings, we eat it! In fact, there are no restraints as to how much you can eat because the more we eat, the less we carry. Trust me, I picked up my Uncle’s backpack and lifted it probably up to my kneecap before collapsing on the ground.

Next, there is the factor of energy. The hike to the actual campsite is about 1.5 miles, but it was fairly steep in my opinion. Right before we headed up, my Uncle brought out a tasty meal of spicy cheese quesadillas, homemade McMuffins, and hash browns. These types of foods are generally really tasty because they are supposed to give you energy (like sugar).

I feel that camping is a very fun time where there are very few rules. This means instead of having to eat your vegetables at home, you can sit back and enjoy some spaghetti with corn and hot dogs (that was what we had for dinner)! We don’t dine at my Uncle and Aunty’s house often, but when we do, the food is always great. One time we had an amazing yogurt parfait bar with Hawaiian mango. I mean, when do you get that? To get back to the point, they always prepare very yummy food, whatever the occasion. That is why I am always looking forward to camping. To wrap it up, I want to say that if any of you haven’t tried camping, you should. If you love food, you’ll love it camping style. And even though it doesn’t taste like home, it’s still great.

I want to give a shout out to my Uncle and Aunty for organizing the whole trip. It was a top five experience of the year, like it always has been.

On the Ferry
Homemade McMuffins are AWESOME
We made it to the summit of Angel Island. My stomach is showing LOL
Looking at the Golden Gate Bridge. I am on the Top of the World!
Eating a yummy dinner of pasta with various toppings and red sauce
Enjoying the Sunset
Oh, look at that perfect S’More
Simply Magnificent
Devouring Breakfast while looking at a strange sight of the bay
Hiking Back, we will miss camping!








I am the Shaq of BBQ!



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  1. Aunty Lena says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the food, Nate. I had so much fun camping with you this past weekend.


    1. n8chen says:

      Thanks for the experience


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