The Great Food I Can’t Even Spell

So what’s this “great food I can’t even spell” you might ask. Well, I guess I can only say Chinese Green Onion Pancakes. Since it has a Mandarin name, I would most likely get it wrong…

So yeah, every other Saturday, we have a Chinese nanny, who owns a restaurant in San Francisco, come over and do various tasks around the house. One of the things we are always excited about is that she makes these great green onion pancakes as well as a lot of other favorites like meat “Bao”s. The pancakes are quite the comfort food, and we often we throw it in our dinner even though it might not go with the food we were planning to eat.

I am pretty sure, if you have tried Chinese food before, that if you take a bite out of one of these, your mind will go “Oh yeah! That’s the really tasty Chinese food I’ve had before but I couldn’t remember the taste.” That’s exactly what happened to me.

If you look at the pictures, below, you should see one that shows a spiral of dough. This shows that when you eat the CGOP (Chinese Green Onion Pancakes) you can peel off the cooked dough and eat it as like a pretzel or something. I love doing this because first I can savor and slowly enjoy the CGOP, and also because it’s just so satisfying for unknown reasons.

Anyways, CGOP is always a food I am excited to see on the kitchen table. It is, as I said before, a comfort food, and one of my top Chinese snacks (I mean what other Chinese snacks do I have). If I were to describe CGOP, I would say they are obviously onion flavored, crunchy, somewhat salty, but most of all, The Great Food I Can’t Spell.



These are the swirls that I was talking about earlier
The meat “bao”s I was talking about
Cooking the outer skin of the meat “bao”s
The meat “bao”s are rising on a pan

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin says:

    Nate, do you ship to Portland? 🙂


    1. n8chen says:

      I don’t believe I do, but many restaurants over there probably have this item!!!


  2. Eric says:

    It’s 葱油饼, Cōng yóubǐng … your baba got mandarin skilz


  3. Tom Cole says:

    Nate, you’re so lucky to get these goodies at home. Yummy!


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