2018 Goals… WITH FOOD!!!

Who knew that so many of my New Year’s resolutions could be related to food? I mean food isn’t the biggest category in our lives…

These past two weeks, as always, I have been thinking about my goals for the new year. Some of these include learning how to whistle and doing more community service events. In addition, I do have some food related goals to share with you. You might be thinking , “Hmm, Nate’s goals are probably related to trying to stop eating one particular snack or food.” Pretty close, but a lot of my food goals actually don’t involve eating food!


  1. Dishes
    I feel like that because I am getting older, I can help out with the dishes more. Sometimes I see my parents at the kitchen sink washing dishes when they could be doing other things. Inspired by my friend Max, who washes his own dishes and puts them into the washer, I decided to do the same. With things getting put away faster, that means less time at the sink and more time together.
  2. Try not to eat as many carbs (ok, this one involves eating food)
    It’s right after the holidays and I’m heading back to school. During this time I am trying to detox (from all the junk) and get back to a normal eating plan where I don’t eat that many carbs (as you know, carbs turn into sugar). In addition, since carbs make people pretty full, eating less of this food will increase my chance to try other options, which is something a food blogger is always looking for.
  3. Work and help out in the school garden more often
    After my Stewards in Action elective (choice) class ended last quarter, I was deeply saddened because that meant I didn’t get to help out in the school garden as much. It was a really fun experience because I enjoyed working with vegetables and other plants. This year, just so I don’t ever forget that gardening experience, I want to make an effort to work in the garden more often.
  4. Working in a food pantry
    In the past, I have enjoyed working in food pantries because it’s really satisfying to help people and move random things to their proper position. I want to continue to try to make a difference in this area while having fun as well.

    It may seem weird at first thinking about food related goals, but I’m sure you could come up with your own as well. I encourage all of you to post a comment or two about some of your food goals for the New Year. If you are going to create 2018 goals, why not brainstorm some more, WITH FOOD!!!

    NO CARBS!!!

    Spic and Span

5 Comments Add yours

  1. selviafei says:

    Good job ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  2. Lena says:

    Nate – I want to eat more salads and fish (instead of red meat) this year.


    1. n8chen says:

      That’s a great goal. Salads and fish are really yummy!


  3. Eric says:

    this is great! especially the dishes


  4. chensophie07 says:

    HI NATE,


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