I bet none of you have tried this fish…

For those of you who don’t eat fish that often, it’s easy not to notice the unique flavors in each catch. Just two days ago, I had the same old tasty soy sauce salmon dish I love. This time, in addition, my mom and grandmother had cooked a different fish as well. I was thinking “It’s probably going to taste just the same because my favorite part is the soy sauce anyways.”

I was wrong. The fish I felt in my mouth probably just then, jumped to #1 on my all time fish list. It contained so many delicious flavors I just sat there in silence, wondering what I had possibly eaten. I later found out that this was Kumu fish, a very rare catch that comes from New Zealand. I literally asked my mom if she put MSG into the meal because it certainly tasted like it!

Over some rice with Bok Choy and plenty of soy sauce, I, like I have said many times before, was in heaven. I didn’t even eat much of the salmon, because it seemed like a puny mortal compared to the Kumu fish giant. This might sound silly, but I actually believed that I was getting smarter by the bite as I ate this delicacy.

Tasting the Kumu fish was kind of like evidence to me that all fishes have their own unique flavor. Sometimes ones just have a more distinct taste than others. Anyways, I, as always, greatly encourage you to try the Kumu fish. I am sure that even if you don’t like fish, it will still appeal to your taste buds. With this seafood in your mouth, you’ll be thinking “WOW!”

The outstanding Kumu Fish! Isn’t it mouth watering?
Fresh salmon featuring green onions and soy sauce topped with parsley

4 Comments Add yours

  1. If this fish left you speechless, it must be extraordinary. Where does one buy this rare, elixir of fish?


    1. n8chen says:

      I hate to say this, but I think it’s really hard to get kumu fish around here, and you have to go to Hawaii to buy it. I know…


  2. Eric says:

    Yo mama has a can of MSG lying around?


  3. rsaxena01 says:


    sounds very appetizing. I have the same question as the pervious comment, Where do you buy Kumu fish in this area?



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