Nate… Please Define “Drunk”

Have you ever wondered what alcohol does to you? Many people say that you just get “drunk”, but what does that mean and are there other side effects of drinking this liquid? I recently learned a ton about alcohol in my science class, so I’m here to answer! Let me explain…

Alcohol is basically made up of any fruit or grain that has been sitting around for a long time. After that time, liquid is formed. I don’t know what this is, but something in alcohol (chemicals?) can give you negative effects. I don’t believe there are any positive effects that drinking will give you besides the fact that people think it tastes good.

Alcohol can effect many parts of the body, but you will only see major changes if you have been drinking a lot. Examples of alcohol effecting the body includes a faster heart rate, liver disease, and such. Your brain can also be affected. Your motor skills and reaction time will be slowed after a lot. You tend to do things that you normally wouldn’t do when drunk, because your brain is only half conscious.

There are some factors that can effect the things alcohol does to your body. If you are still a child/kid with a growing brain, even a sip of liquor could do serious damage. The bigger you are, the less likely you are to see these effects. Woman are often getting alcohol damage more often than men. Your ethnicity matters as well. My science teacher Ms. Wood informed me that the time it takes for Asians to get drunk is faster than an average time for Westerners. Lastly, the actual type of liquid you drink is a big factor as well. Beer and wine, having 14% and lower alcohol, are served in larger portions because people are less likely to experience effects. Meanwhile, hard alcohol (whiskey, sake, vodka, rum) are drank in small shot glasses because of the high rate of receiving body damage from these liquors.

Now I’m pretty sure that most of you already know what alcohol is and its effects, but I just wanted to “remind” you to watch how much alcohol you drink because I definitely don’t want to lose one of my top repliers due to a blackout or something (Ollie, Eric, Cathy). After reading this I do hope you learned something, even one little fact, because at least I defined “drunk” for you.

My dad’s large, “precious” alcohol collection in a fridge. Don’t drink too much!




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mehul Patel says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Nate!


  2. John Lieu says:

    Nice Article Nate – Yes your dad and I drink but we manage it well usually HA


  3. Jill Abrahamsen says:

    By the way, NPR Planet Money Podcast geeked out over vodka. It was a well informed podcast about the science of making the stuff. You might like listening to it. My boys did.


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