Eating For The Stomach Or The Mouth

When you look at the title of this blog, you’re probably like, “What is Nate thinking?” or “What type of title is that?” Well, I was having an interesting conversation with my grandmother two days ago and I got inspired to write a post on our talk. SOMEHOW, I chose this weird and unique title. Anyways, that’s my story, so let’s get to the content.

Your perspective on food changes as you get older and wiser. As a baby, you may not care what food you get, as long as you aren’t hungry. As a child below the age of ten, you may not even care about the quantity or quality of the food because your mind is focussed on other things. You get the point…

People should always be looking towards the future when it comes to health. If you get diseases at a young age because of food, it’ll be way harder at an older age. That’s why I think that sometimes you should try eating to satisfy your stomach and not so much your mouth. It’s hard to do that. Pizza is a great example. After a long day of work, you could totally eat five slices of this classic American food. Yes of course it’ll taste so good in your mouth, but when you go to bed, it’s not really like that. I get that feeling in my stomach where it just tells me, “Nate, why did you eat that!?” My grandmother told me that since she’s on more of the second half of her life, it’s all about health. Anyone will do anything to live longer. I totally agreed with her!

What I’m hoping for y’all to take away from this is that sometimes you have to satisfy your stomach and not your mouth. If that means choosing a healthier option at a restaurant, it’s the right thing to do. And know that while it may not feel that pleasing right then, it will later. The last thing I want is for my subscribers to go home and eat healthy foods for the rest of their life. There are always options that satisfy both your mouth and your stomach. Wouldn’t it be great to use this post to share our “golden” foods. Please comment below and let’s see how many ideas we can get! Just remember, when it comes to eating, it’s all a battle between eating for the stomach or the mouth.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric says:

    1) Poke bowl 2) blueberries 3) steak 4) avocado 5) eggs and beans


  2. Min Min says:

    Smoothies are yummy and so is sushi . Love citruses, berries and stone fruits and many tropical fruits too!


  3. As usual, Popo proves to be wiser than all of us. My go to for taste and nutrition – peanut butter! Surprisingly low in sugar, high in protein and so yummy. Edamame is up there too.


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