Breaking Down What We Eat

Have you ever wondered how food is organized? It’s pretty confusing, I’ll tell you that. However, once you understand the 5 food groups, you’ll be a nutrition expert. Before I start, I want to give a shout out to my science teacher Ms. Wood for providing me with excellent, accurate information about this topic at school.

Before you read this, try to guess the 5 food groups. I failed the first time I tried! Have you thought of your answer? Great! The 5 food groups are grains, protein (including nuts, beans, and fish), fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. For a healthy balance of nutrients, try to include all 5 food groups in every meal.

Now, there are portion and serving sizes for each food group. For example, you need six servings of grains each day. One serving could de half a cup of pasta or rice. The reason eating a variety of foods is important is because each food group serves a purpose. Eating lots of vegetables can give you healthy skin and hair. Munching on a healthy cereal gives you Vitamin B-12, which helps transfer food into fuel. If I had to name all the health benefits from all the food groups, I would be here for hours. Trust me, if it may be a pain now to eat out of all groups, it will totally be worth it later on.

When I said that you should eat from each food group, there are a few exceptions. Some foods called “extras” aren’t things you should normally eat. They have barely any nutrients and are full of salt, sugar, or fat. These include donuts, sugary breakfast cereals, ice cream, etc. Like I informed you last post, don’t just kill off all these items from your daily eating life. Have them every now and then! It’s just that when you get to the point where you are eating extras too often, it can harm your body.

Not gonna lie, I overeat sometimes. It’s important to look at the servings and serving sizes or a food group to make sure you don’t consume to many calories. You’ll be surprised to see how small one serving is. The main reason that there are food groups is because nutritionists want people to recognize what they eat and what it’s doing for them. You may think it is annoying when someone tells you not eat this or that, but hey, they know their facts!

At the end of the day, I’m not pressuring you into focussing on food groups every meal of your life. Maybe you could just take 10-20 minutes to research this topic and the benefits. You’ll be changing your ways in no time! Anyways, thanks a lot, and have a good one.

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  1. Auntie Polly, aka The Snack Lady says:

    Great article Nate! You didn’t mention chips. Would that fall under vegetables?


    1. n8chen says:

      well, chips would either be a carbohydrate or an extra, based on the nutrition facts.


  2. Thanks Nate, very informative. What do you think about going Alkaline? Heavy on Fruits and Vegetables, moderate Protein and low Carb intake?


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