Everything An Ice Cream Lover Wants

Are you in need of a go to ice cream store that is so good you’ll want it every moment of your life? Try Icicles on Castro street, because it’ll provide you with an experience NO ONE can forget.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the sweet smelling, packed, location is the menu. A lot of other ice cream shops will just write two to three words as their description as a flavor. Not here. Icicles has all 20+ options written out with all the main flavors so you’ll know what you are eating. For example, if you order the strawberry ice cream, you have just regular sweet (no flavor) ice cream, and then they add in gram crackers, fresh strawberries, and condensed milk. A lot of the options have that crunchy component and I think that’s one thing customers love about this dessert.

The true thing Icicles is known for is how they put their ice cream into your bowl. It’s quite mind blowing because you actually get to watch them do it.

In the beginning, they show you the foods going into the base ice cream (condensed milk/gram crackers/oreos),  and you have the chance to subtract and I think add (they might raise the price if you do so) to your dessert. And then, they do what I called reverse cooking. On a frozen below 0 degrees metal surface, they poor a cup of liquid non-flavored ice cream on the metal surface. Then, they’ll add your customized cup of ingredients, before chopping it up at lightning speed and mixing it around. After a few seconds, you’ll start to notice that the blend is surprisingly turning into an ice cream texture. I never thought that melted ice cream could be reversed! Following this, they will flatten your ice cream out into a very thin strip (6 inches by 10 inches). The cool part is where they take a flat utensil and shape the strip into 8 or so rolls of ice cream. It’s pretty darn amazing.

If you think that what I’ve already said isn’t enough, there’s MORE. To top off you delicious dessert, Icicles offers FREE and UNLIMITED toppings. That’s right! Load up on as many as you’d like! They have fresh fruit, mochi, chocolates, you name it. When you finally start to devour the item, you’ll realize that every bite includes something you want. To be honest, it’s pretty overwhelming at first because there are some many components and you don’t know where to start. It’s big enough for two or even three people. My suggestion, as you may already tell, is to go try this place. Finishing a hard day at work and then eating at Icicles is like the best break one could ask for. It’ll be worth it, trust me. Icicles is now my favorite ice cream store because who doesn’t like that place. After all, it has everything an ice cream lover wants.

Here is a video of the people rolling the ice cream:  LINK


Getting ready for my first bite!
The giant toppings menu. The more the better!.=
Mochi and sprinkles can totally spice up an already delicious strawberry ice cream.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Eric says:

    And they have make more money bc the rolls actually have less ice cream from all the air between the rolled up ice cream!


  2. Min Min says:

    You’ve convinced me to take the girls this week! Thanks Nate!


    1. n8chen says:

      You’re welcome. It’ll be an experience of a lifetime.


  3. CCC says:

    Uncle Andy said its too expensive for our family. 😦


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