We’re Going To Eat A Lot of Toblerone…


Sadly, this post isn’t going to be about that sweet, delicious chocolate. Instead, I’m going write about the country this candy originated, because yes, when we go there in the summer, it’ll be a area filled with foodie surprises and, well you know, Toblerone.

From what I’ve heard, Swiss cuisine is more of a simple one. Like many of the other European countries including Hungary and Austria (two places I traveled to last summer), many dishes in Switzerland are copies or different takes on original recipes from Spain, Germany, and Italy. In addition, there are a few signature dishes that are known throughout the whole country. To add on to the “simple” I was talking about, the main cooking ingredients people use are potatoes and cheese. I’m sure one have heard of Swiss cheese. Anyways, as I always do, I looked up some interesting fun facts about this tasty cuisine, so all of you can get a better sense of what this type of food is about:

  1. Some delicacies you will see there are the tons and tons of specialized sausages and cold cut meats.
  2. Switzerland is the largest wine making region in Europe.
  3. People eat on average 11 kg of chocolate a year.
  4. There are over 400 different types of cheeses that factories and cheesemakers produce.
  5. For dessert, fondue is often served.
  6. Basically most of the meals have something to do with cheese.

I hope all of you are ready to hear some great reviews in a month or so because I just know that Switzerland is going to be fantastic. It’s one of the most unique cuisine’s I will have tried. Aside from that, this trip is going to be one of the best because we’re going to eat a lot of Toblerone…


P.S. Toblerone is a nutty, caramelized, honey-infused chocolate that comes in a fairly big strip with small triangular pieces that you can break off.


Une assiette valaisanne pour l'apéro.
A wide selection of meats.
Some sort of flavorful soup dish, probably invoving cheese.
The great Toblerone I’ve been talking about.



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  1. Eric says:

    Can’t wait for the food there although you know we’ll be looking for a Chinese restaurant by our 3rd day in Europe.


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