Crave No More


Do you ever have a craving for sweet sodas and unhealthy sports drinks? Well, I think I might have a solution to that. Try my favorite drink yet, La Croix, a flavored sparkling water with 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar.

If I were one of you guys, I would be thinking “What’s so good about flavored sparkling water? It’s totally not the same!” Before you make that assumption, read this: When I smell the obvious flavoring from a La Croix can, I think I’m drinking something with sugar. When I drink out of this stunning beverage, I don’t taste any sugar, but rather get that refreshing, bubbly satisfaction that comes from any carbonated water. For me, it makes up for the lack of a sweet component. Honestly, at first I didn’t love it because yeah, it wasn’t exactly the same taste. Over time however, I started to drink it more and more (mostly after school when I’m thirsty) because it was a delicious substitution for unhealthy sugar-full drinks.

This popular refreshment can be found at almost any grocery store. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it too much because carbonated water can be bad for your teeth. But enjoy yourself and have it every now and then, because soon you shall crave no more!

My first sip is always one where I close my eyes because it’s just SO refreshing
La Croix actually smells pretty sweet, and that’s what makes your mouth enjoy it more

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  1. Nate, blog post at 7am is super aggressive. Also, your first photo made me want to rush out to try this! But the. I saw the second photo that reminds me of your Dad after a sip of Budweiser and now I’m not so sure…


  2. I had never heard of La Croix before. I am on it!
    No more Coke or Gatorade for me… What about Vitamin Water thought?
    Where does that stack up?



  3. Laura Ching says:

    Great post, Nate! I think La Croix should give you a commission for promoting their business!



  4. Eric says:

    The smell of it tricks your brain into thinking it tastes sweet? Try drinking it holding your nose.


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