Nate’s Local Mediterranean Food Pick


Looking for an authentic, tasty Mediterranean food location? Try Mediterranean Wraps, a popular place on California Street in Palo Alto with a variety of options. After reading this post, I bet you’ll be wanting to head right there.

My family enjoys this place because everything there is tasty. Win win! At Oren’s Hummus in Palo Alto, they serve great pita and hummus, but their falafels and beef aren’t my favorite. On the other hand, Dish Dash, another Mediterranean location in Sunnyvale, has really flavorful meats and dipping sauces, but don’t offer good hummus and pita. Mediterranean Wraps has it all! Two delicious items I recommend are the lamb and beef combo, and the falafels (buy them by the dozens!). This restaurant serves very authentic Mediterranean food. Although it’s not exactly like what you get in Greece, it’s pretty darn tasty for a place on the opposite side of the globe.

Try Mediterranean Wraps, because it won’t let you down. Note: it’s in an unassuming almost hole in the wall place, but don’t let that deceive you. The staff there are very friendly and love what they do. So there you have it, Nate’s Local Mediterranean Pick.

wrappy wraps
The Falafel Deluxe Wrap is my Mom’s Favorite!
yummy lamb med wraps
I Eat this Every Time! You can see all the unique greek spices and flavors that go into it.




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