Fit For 53

Have you ever heard of Boston Cream Pie (BCP)? Well I hadn’t until my grandfather started talking about it weeks ago. Gung gung mentioned craving it, so we went on a wild hunt to find a good Boston Cream pie because his 53rd anniversary was just two days ago. It ended up coming from Berkeley

BCP is an all around the world favorite consisting of a sponge cake at the bottom followed by lots of custard and then topped off with chocolate. It’s more of a cake than a pie however. I only tasted a tiny sliver because I knew how calorie heavy BCP is. Just in that one tiny piece, I could understand why BCP is a American classic. First of all, it wasn’t too sweet. Instead, this dessert had a good balance between chocolate, custard (vanilla), and sponge cake. The chocolate had this rich and sweet taste, and then the custard toned it down a little. Sponge cake is one of my all time favorites, so BCP has to be up there too.

Something that I’ve realized through a lot of my food adventures is that it’s all about the ration/balance, especially with baked goods. Crixa Cakes, the location is Cal, nailed the BCP because of how all the elements played with each other perfectly. To sum it up, I have to say that BCP is something truly special. It’s hard to imagine something more fit for 53!

crixa pies 2 inner
BCPs can come in all sizes, but I prefer the mini ones because they’re quite filling! 

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  1. Eric says:

    I’ve never heard of BCP? Is it east coast thing?


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