Green, clean, and mean

“Green, clean, and mean. Green, clean, and mean!” I thought as I was about to take a sip of my grandmother’s healthy green (all vitamins) smoothie. Popo told me that the drink was supposed to make me feel good and have a lot of energy. It featured that sickening green color that I usually stay away from, especially in smoothies, but then I try not to judge a book by it’s cover. As she was explaining the ingredients, I didn’t really know if this was something that I wanted to drink. I mean, popo had thrown kale, parsley, celery, lots of ginger, cucumbers, lemons, lime, and apples (thank god!)!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad. The apples made it bearable, but the sweet was quickly washed away by the spicy ginger flavor as well as the awkward celery taste. After every sip, the ginger stung my throat a little, so I decided that the best way was to just down it all at once. I knew that since it contained all the vitamins/nutrients I would need, I figured that it wasn’t exactly Jamba Juice. For a final summary, it was great for a healthy food, but I’m still not sure that I felt “good”. After all, it’s a smoothie that’s green, clean, and especially mean.


Video Of Me Drinking It!

Tips and Notes

– We like to add coconut water to make the smoothie sweeter
– You can substitute spinach for kale
– It’s supposed to be an all green smoothie, so try to keep it that way when making it
– Supposedly every ingredient serves a purpose (eg. ginger for circulation)
– Speaking of ginger, it gives the drink a spicy kick, so you add less for a more enjoyable tasting





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  1. Eric says:

    the lean green machine!


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