Three Generations Of Goodness

Whenever I see my grandmother cooking something with our big pot, I usually go “Yes! Stew!” I saw this happening a few days ago. However, this time, it wasn’t stew. It was chicken long rice! To give you a sense on how tasty this food is, I’ll tell you that my almost 3 year old cousin Luke has eaten it for every meal for an entire week. Chicken long rice is literally just special noodles combined with a soup-like flavoring.

The main reason for this dish’s yumminess is the unique noodles. I’m confused why this meal is called “chicken long rice,” because the noodles aren’t made out of rice. Actually, they’re made out of only water, potato starch, and mung beans (green beans with protein). In the pot you’ll find a combination of chicken, lean pork, Chinese dried mushrooms and dates, and ginger. It turns out that a simple flavor combined with simple carb can create the amazing meal known as chicken long rice.

Chicken long rice is very nutritious. The noodles don’t contain a lot of sugar, provide good protein every bite, and fill you up quickly. Lastly, I think that it’s a great comfort food. My grandmother likes it, my parents love it, and I devour it! Three generations of goodness!

Popo’s Chicken Long Rice Recipe
Be warned, it takes about two days if you want to get rid of the excess fat:

– 1 Whole Chicken
– Pieces of chicken thigh (cut off from the chicken used to make the stock)
– 1 lb Lean pork
– Nice brand bean thread noodles (see photo for brand recommendation)
– 6 Chinese dates (soaked in water beforehand)
– 6 Chinese mushrooms (soaked in water beforehand)
– 5-6 pieces of ginger

-Fill up a large pot of water and boil.
-Add chicken, Chinese mushrooms and dates, lean pork, and all of the ginger.  Make sure water is 2-3 inches above the ingredients.
-After soup boils for a few minutes vigorously, turn to low and simmer for 5-6 hours.  Add salt (to taste).
-Put in the refrigerator overnight.  The next day, remove the fat and oil from the top.
– Return the pot of soup to the stove and boil. Add sliced chicken pieces. Add noodles (should be soaked and then strained beforehand to soften).
-Add finely chopped green onions (optional).

Look at all that gelatin! Lots of gelatin means lots of protein!
The star of the show! I recommend this brand because the contents won’t break apart from the heat.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aunty Tracie says:

    Thank you for sharing another yummy recipe. I have never made chicken long rice with dates and pork. I will have to try this version the next time.
    By the way, I have made Popo ‘s braised chicken twice this summer! It has been added as a “go-to” recipe in our house . Uncle Darin loved it and thought I must have used butter since it was so good. He said it’s better than Rainbow Drive-In’s boneless chicken! Thanks for all the great tips and recipes.


  2. Randy Wong says:

    Where can I buy the Nice Brand Bean Thread? Cannot find this anywhere!


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