You Have to Try This!

So I was doing homework in my room the other day when my dad tells me that I “have to try this” new snack. He told me that it was a low carb version of popcorn, so I get excited because I’m all about healthy, tasty foods. The package read Makhana: Popped Water Lily Seeds, Super snack. I immediately became hyped about trying water lily seeds because I definitely haven’t eaten them before. I mean, as a food blogger, I’m always looking for unique and interesting foods to post about.

The Makhanas were quite something. I think I finished the bag in about 3 minutes. They had a cool truffle taste and were very crunchy. I would actually describe these popped water lily seeds as a mixture of popcorn and chips. The inside layer is hard and crunchy like a chip, and the outer layer has a soft texture and is seasoned like a piece of popcorn. But that’s not the best part though. In the entire bag, which contained about 25-35 pieces, was only 40 calories. It gets even better! When I looked at the nutrition facts, none of the categories were above 5% daily value. In addition, the entire bad has 0 trans fat, no sugar, and is 100% vegan. Now this is what I call a real superfood!

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that it’ll be a long time before I get tired of Makhanas. There are even different flavors and variations. I’ll be sure to get a taste of those! My message is simple: You Have to Try This!

Note: If you search “Makhana snack”, you’ll find a lot more reviews and recipes on this snack. Just in case you found it a little suspicious or something 🙂

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  1. Thanks. I am on it!


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