Feed the Panther!

First of all, I didn’t do a Halloween post this week because I did one last year, but I do hope that everyone had a fun night of trick or treating and throwing up after eating 10+ candy bars. With out further ado, here we go!

Has anyone ever run for class president or class representative before? When it comes to that type of stuff, I usually bail out because it just isn’t my thing. However, my sister Sophie (6th grade), this year, decided to give it a shot with one idea fueling her campaign, feed the panther.

You may or may not know this, but Priory’s (the school we go to) mascot is the panther. Sophie wanted to create a better lunch experience for everyone at our school. That’s why it’s called feed the panther! Get it? She noticed that sometimes the hot entree isn’t as appealing to some as others are. For example, when it’s corndog day, the line would go out the door (almost). But when people see that Vietnamese pork or Korean chicken tacos are on the menu, they tend to stray away from the hot dish of the day. I personally, try not to be picky and mostly go with the flow, but I can name many others that just won’t eat some lunches. One of Sophie’s supporting ideas was to create a ballot system for giving feedback to the kitchen staff after each week (total of 5 meals). That way, the chefs would understand what students enjoy and what they don’t.

Another one of Sophie’s cafeteria suggestions would be to have more stations or “bars” serving burgers, hot dogs, and the types of foods that everyone typically loves. The reason for this is so students don’t just eat the same meal everyday. I mean, probably 1 out of every 3 people in the cafeteria eat rice and soy sauce for literally every single meal.

The point of my sister’s campaign isn’t about criticizing the cafeteria workers for their food, let’s get that part straight. It’s just a bit of a waste of food if the chefs make a giant batch of whatever and only 1/5 of the diners actually want to eat it. With her new survey system, the kitchen staff wouldn’t be making something that not a lot of people would eat. With more food stations available daily, there could be more of a variety of lunches for students to choose from. So yeah, that’s basically it. Sophie’s trying to make a difference by Feeding the Panther!

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